Activities in 2006

Seminar: IEEE and a New Strategy for China

by IEEE President 2006 - Prof. Michael Lightner
11 January, 2006

DISTINGUISHED LECTURE A Unified View of Iterative [turbo] Receivers & Decoders

by Prof. Ezio Biglieri, IEEE Fellow, Professor of Universitat Pompeu Fabra
University of Macau,
16 March, 2006

Visit of IEEE HK GOLD (Graduate Of the Last Decade) Committee

8 April, 2006

Seminar: Recent development on Ultra-Low voltage Delta-Sigma Modulators

by Prof. Kong-Pang Pun, Chinese U. of HK
University of Macau
22 April, 2006

International Workshop on “Intelligent Systems and Technologies”

Macau University of Science and Technology
5-7 June, 2006

Seminar: Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Bandpass Filters using Multiple-Mode Resonator

by Prof. Lei Zhu, Nanyang Technological U
University of Macau,
23 June, 2006


Kinematically Redundant Robots - The Promise of Human-like Dexterity
by Prof. Anthony A. Maciejewsky, IEEE Fellow, Colorado State University

State-of-the-Art of Neurodynamic Optimization: Models & Applications
by Prof. Jun Wang, Chinese University of HK

A New Perspective on Human-Robot Interaction
by Prof. João Sequeira, Institute of Robotics, Technical University of Lisbon

State-of-the-Art of Neurodynamic Optimization: Models & Applications
by Prof. I-Ming Chen, Nanyang Technological University, University

University of Macau,
29 June, 2006


Minimizing Non-Idealities Due to Mismatch in Sub-Micron Analog CMOS Circuits using Digital Calibration
by Prof. Ken Martin, IEEE Fellow, University of Toronto and Snowbush Electronics

On the Cutting-Edge of Research Frontier in the Nanoelectronics Era - Human Inspired Intelligent SOC and 20-100GHz CMOS RF IC's
By Prof. Peter (Chung-Yu) Wu, IEEE Fellow, National Chiao-Tung University Technology

Trends of Integrated Circuits in SOC based on the Analysis of ISSCC Papers
By Prof. Zhihua Wang, Vice-Director of the Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University

University of Macau,
7 July, 20006

Regional Inter-University Postgraduate Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference 2006

University of Macau,
13-14 July, 2006

Cross Strait Tri-Regional Radio Science and Wireless Technology Conference 2006

University of Macau,
24-27 August, 2006

Project Competition 2006

University of Macau,
15 October, 2006

DISTINGUISHED LECTURE Training Mappers with Entropy Concepts – a Revolution in Developing Models and Adaptive Intelligent Systems

by Professor Vladimiro Henrique Barrosa Pinto de Miranda, IEEE Fellow, Professor of Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
University of Macau,
19 October, 2006

Advanced Antennas Technology for Wireless Communication

by Prof. Raj Mitta, Pennsylvania State University
Prof. Ahmed A. Kishk, University of Mississippi
Prof. Leung Kwok Wa, City University of Hong Kong
University of Macau,
20 November, 2006

DISTINGUISHED LECTURE Advanced Methodologies in Analog & Mixed SignalICs Design

by Professor Zhiliang Hong
Deputy director of State Key Laboratory of ASIC & Systems, Fudan University, China,
University of Macau,
27 December, 2006